Thursday, December 3, 2015

State urges tax compliance for Airbnb rentals

Georgia lawmakers are recommending that state taxes be paid when Airbnb and similar rentals exceed 15 days.  In Decatur, this recommendation may be a moot point. Decatur’s unified development ordinance limits lodging at “bed and breakfasts” to no more than 14 consecutive nights.

That being said, homeowners who rent out rooms or accessory dwellings still have other administrative requirements to meet depending on their exact circumstances. For example, if a person in Decatur lives in a home and intends to rent out one or more of their guest rooms on a recurring basis for the purposes of making rental income, my office would require that person to obtain a home-based business license (after he or she has obtained zoning/use approval from our Planning or DEC departments), and the person may also be required to remit hotel/motel excise taxes to our city clerk.

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