Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Personal property taxes due in 5 days

Businesses with inventory in Decatur owe their personal property taxes to the City no later than Dec. 21. Bills are based on property such as merchandise, office or work equipment, furniture, fixtures, or boats. This is not a tax on buildings or land. This is also separate from occupation tax bills which are paid in order to renew a business license.

Taxable values are based on what you or your tax preparer reported, or if you failed to file your own value, DeKalb assigned a value to you earlier this year. The deadline to appeal has passed. If you’ve closed my business or sold the property, the taxes must be paid and cannot be pro-rated. These taxes are owed to both DeKalb County and to the City of Decatur separately. 

At www.decaturgatax.com, you can search, view or re-print your City bill. Credit card payments are accepted with a 2.2 percent plus 30 cent third-party processing fee whether made in person or online. E-checks are accepted at no extra charge. You can pay by check or cash if you prefer. Taxpayers will be charged a 10 percent penalty plus 1 percent interest per month for payments made after a short grace period. Liens will be placed on accounts that remain delinquent.

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