Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New rules expand training for appraisal vendors

Newly proposed rules would require training of county-level appraisal vendors and contractors by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). Existing training requirements pertained to in-house county appraisal staff. Proposed rule 560-11-2-.28(7)(a) says:
Individuals performing services under assessment contracts to render advice or assistance to the county board of tax assessors in the assessment and equalization of taxes [sic] the establishment of property valuations, or the defense of such valuations shall adhere to state mandated appraisal laws and regulations required under Title 43 including any appraisal certification and training required under Title 43 of the Georgia Core [sic]. In addition, such individuals shall successfully complete 4 hours of approved appraisal courses annually… 
The proposed rules also include allowing PDF tax bills to be emailed to taxpayers, larger fines for mobile home owners who fail to display their tax decal, and administrative adjustments to appeal procedures. DOR is accepting comments on the proposed rules up until Dec. 21.

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