Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Information for newer homeowners

If you are new in town, there are a few things that may helpful for you to know about home ownership in Decatur.

First, if your home is your principal residence, you are eligible to apply for a homestead exemption which reduces the amount you pay in property taxes. You must apply separately with Decatur and DeKalb. Applying for a homestead exemption with one office doesn’t grant you both exemptions. Please apply for the City homestead exemption at www.decaturga.com/homestead by March 15, 2015, in order to receive an exemption for 2015. If the home seller had homestead exemption, that remains valid for 2014 even though you’re a new owner.

Second, please be aware that we receive all official ownership and address records from DeKalb County. It is your responsibility to follow up to ensure that DeKalb has the correct record, which you can double-check at http://web.co.dekalb.ga.us/TaxCommissioner/. If you recently purchased your home, you must also notify Decatur of the change to ensure your tax bills are sent to the right party.

Third, Decatur sends bills for property taxes on April 1, due June 1, and October 20, due December 20. Please check the status of your city property taxes at www.decaturgatax.com, even if you were told that the taxes “were taken care of at closing.” Note that taxes may be due both to DeKalb and Decatur and we have different billing schedules.

For further information you may contact the DeKalb County assessors at 404-371-0841, the DeKalb tax commissioner at 404-298-4000, and the City Revenue Division at 404-370-4100.

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