Monday, September 29, 2014

Changes in filing requirements make online renewal easier for most businesses

For the past few years, businesses have been required to submit two immigration-related affidavits annually when they renewed their business license per state law. As I wrote about this summer, those requirements have been relaxed.  Now only certain businesses will be required to refile these affidavits under specific circumstances as follows:

In other words, businesses owned by U.S. citizens with 10 or fewer employees who have already filed their paperwork in past years are exempt from re-filing.  This is great news for businesses that want to renew their license online ( in Decatur because it means they will be able to do it without having to upload affidavits. The upload box on our renewal website is now an optional field. All we will need is the business's telephone number, quantity of employees, and your online payment. There are no convenience fees, surcharges, or markups.

New businesses still need to file both affidavits with their license application.

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