Wednesday, September 3, 2014

7 cities in Georgia with assessments other than 40 percent

Following up on yesterday’s post, Georgia’s cities weren’t included in the original equalization of assessment ratios to 40 percent is 1968. The General Assembly revisited that in 1972, at which point 40 percent was established as the ratio for cities except for those that already had ratios larger than 40 percent. At the time, 12 such cities were grandfathered in with older, higher ratios.

As of 2013, according to Department of Revenue data, there are still at least seven cities remaining with an assessment ratio other than 40 percent:
  • Gainesville (northeast Georgia)—100 percent 
  • Buchanan (west Georgia)—100 percent 
  • East Dublin (middle Georgia)—47 percent 
  • Chatsworth (northwest Georgia)—75 percent 
  • Americus (southwest Georgia)—50 percent 
  • Dalton (northwest Georgia)—100 percent 
  • Decatur—50 percent 
On its website, the Georgia Department of Economic Development says, “The only realistic way to compare property taxes from different locations is to use 'effective tax rates' (tax rate multiplied by assessment ratio).” True. It would be impossible to estimate or compare property taxes across Georgia without at least knowing what the property value, assessment ratio, and millage rate.

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