Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Property taxes less popular than income tax

According to an April 2010 compilation of public opinion data by the American Enterprise Institute, property taxes are among the least popular of all taxes, and are perceived as less fair than the income tax. Findings include:
  • “Thirty-six percent in February-March 2003 told Kaiser/NPR/Harvard that local property tax was the tax they disliked the most, followed by 29 percent who chose the income tax.” 
  • “Gallup shows a substantial jump since the late 1980s in the proportion of people mentioning the local property tax as the worst or least fair tax.”
  • The March 2009 Harris/Tax Foundation poll found that 5 percent of people think local property taxes are “very fair,” 6 percent think it’s somewhat fair, 33 percent think it’s fair, 30 percent think it’s somewhat fair, and 25 percent think it’s “very unfair.”

Does this mean that property tax offices are more disliked than the IRS? Gulp.

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