Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeling under-taxed?

State lawmakers passed a little noticed measure during the final days of the 2010 legislative session that would allow state income taxpayers to donate as much as they want into the state’s general fund. Filers have become used to seeing options to donate to earmarked funds like the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund and the Georgia Cancer Research Fund. For the first time, House Bill 1272 will allow general contributions beyond what your tax amount due.

The Athens Banner-Herald wrote a harsh rebuke of the bill on their editorial page today partly on the grounds that taxpayers would have no clear indication of what purpose their donation is actually funding.

Nonetheless, the measure obtained bipartisan support in the General Assembly, passing 145 to 6 in the Georgia House (including yea votes by Decatur-area representatives) and passing unanimously in the Georgia Senate. The legislation says that, “it is the policy of this state to enable and encourage citizens voluntarily to support the general welfare of the state.”

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