Thursday, May 20, 2010

Barnes scolds loss of HTRG

In 2009 the Georgia General Assembly passed HB 143, which allowed for the funding of the Homeowner Tax Relief Grant for 2008 (which lowered the most Decatur homeowners’ tax bills by $252) but denied funding for 2009. Locally, this resulted in an effective tax increase of $252, although the Decatur City Commission simultaneously increased a low income, senior exemption which reduced taxes by $230 for qualified homeowners. HB 143 left the door open for funding the exemption in future years if state revenues increase 3 percent above inflation.

Former governor and gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes has come out with an ad criticizing the legislature and the current governor for not funding the HTRG saying:

As Governor, we increased the homestead exemption to give everyone a property tax break. But the politicians under the gold dome took away our tax cut. So our taxes went up but the taxes of the special interest went down. That's not right and it's not fair and when I'm Governor, it won't stand.

Morris News Service reports that the ad is running in Savannah, Macon, Augusta, and Albany.

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