Monday, April 13, 2015

Last-minute income tax reminders in Decatur

• If you're itemizing deductions on your 2014 federal income tax return, you can generally itemize property taxes on property you own that you paid during 2014. If you escrow for taxes, the amount you paid in taxes should appear somewhere on your Form 1098--usually either in box 5 or in a blank box. If you don't escrow, remember to add both your county and city property taxes paid. To determine how much you paid in property taxes to the City of Decatur, Georgia, go to or call us at 404-370-4100.  (DeKalb County's tax office is at 404-298-4000.)  Please note that the IRS does not consider fees paid (such as garbage pick-up) to be deductible. Personal property taxes for business inventory and ad valorem taxes for motor vehicles are generally also deductible.

• The DeKalb library Decatur branch at 215 Sycamore Street has some blank federal forms left (1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ), but no instruction booklets or Georgia tax forms.  You're probably better off viewing any instructions or printing any other forms from the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue's websites at this point if you file a paper return.

• Free income tax preparation services are available from AARP volunteer tax counselors at Decatur Recreation Center at 231 Sycamore Street this Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. They do a great job; however, you should expect very long lines at this late stage of the tax season. The Recreation Center and AARP do not have any blank tax forms or instruction books available.

• Sometimes the Decatur post office at 520 W. Ponce De Leon Avenue is open late to allow for last-minute mailing. Please check with them at 404-370-8300 for hours and details.

• City Hall does not have blank tax forms and does not accept income tax returns on behalf of the IRS.

• If you are a Decatur homeowner turning age 62 or age 80 this year (2015), or you are already over 62 and your income has dropped significantly on this year's return compared to your 2013 tax return, or you are taking care of a parent who meets those criteria, please call us at 404-370-4100. The homeowner may have become eligible for one of Decatur's income-based homestead exemptions for tax year 2016 for which they did not previously qualify.

• CBS Atlanta suggests a few bars where you can spend part of your refund on Tax Day here!  If you'd rather stay at home, try mixing an income tax cocktail for yourself.

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