Friday, April 17, 2015

10 business days until occupation taxes become delinquent

All 2014 business licenses in Decatur expired on January 30, 2015. If a business has not paid for its 2015 license and is still open in Decatur, that means that that business is operating without a business license. Please remit your occupational tax payment (and immigration-related documents if applicable) within the next 10 days to renew your 2015 license. A grace period during which no late fees accrued expires at the end of this month.  A 10 percent penalty and 1 percent interest per month will accrue on unpaid balances after Apr. 30, 2015.

If your business has closed or moved since 2014, please let us know to update our records and prevent collection activities. If you need any assistance, please call the business license office at 404-370-4100.

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