Friday, March 1, 2013

5 reasons to file a return of property

DeKalb and Decatur residents will receive assessment notices from DeKalb County in May.  If you disagree with your value, you can begin your appeal at that time.  Or you can get ahead of the game by filing a return of your property with DeKalb County prior to April 1.

Filing an annual return of business personal property is required.  Filing a return of real property such as your home or other real estate property is optional.  Along with the reasons I mentioned the other day, several additional purposes are served by filing a return before April 1:
  • To request a review of the appraised value of your real estate property
  • To report additions, improvements, or removal buildings or structures on your real property
  • To report that your business has closed or that you've begun a new business
  • To report new personal property such as business equipment
  • To report the depreciation of your property's value
I encourage property owners who fall into these categories to consider filing a return.  It may help reduce lag time in the final determination of your taxable value for 2013.

The bullet points above are adapted from suggestions made by Hall County tax assessors office to their taxpayers.  Return and appeal procedures are basically the same statewide.

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