Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last chance to apply for 2013 homestead exemption

If you are filing for a new homestead exemption in the City of Decatur for 2013, we can accept your application as late as April 1 by law.  However, we encourage all eligible homeowners to apply for any new exemptions no later than tomorrow, Mar. 15, to ensure your exemption appears on your 1st installment tax bill which will be mailed out April 1.

If you previously applied for a homestead exemption with the City of Decatur, you do not need to re-apply with us.  If you filed for an exemption with DeKalb, you must also apply with Decatur.  You must also apply if you qualify for a new exemption based on age or income.

Further information on local homestead exemptions can be found at

Eligible residents can apply for the basic homestead exemption on our website here.  For exemptions based on age or income, please come to City Hall at 509 North McDonough Street.

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