Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcoming events

I meant to post this earlier this week so I could have helped advertise a little for the City of Decatur Development Department’s homeowner night on Tuesday.  Forgive me!

Fortunately, a couple other events are coming up that would be of interest to Decatur homeowners and property taxpayers:
  1. According to DecaturMetro, Decatur realtors Terry Michel and Sean Dammann will host a forum tonight on the state of Decatur’s real estate market. Read more details here.
  2. Of special interest to owners of older homes, the Decatur Old House Fair will take place this Saturday. Regina Brewer, City of Decatur Preservation Planner, says “This day-long celebration will feature new ideas, practical advice, innovative materials, and quality services for owners of older homes. Homeowners can attend how-to seminars and workshops on restoring old windows, creating a maintenance plan, tax credits for rehabilitation, historic landscapes, researching an old house, and much more.” Visit for more information.
  3. A webinar tailored for businesses appealing their valuation will be conducted by Advantax on March 23. I can’t endorse Advantax or the content of the class, and it seems a little pricey for a webinar, but it may be beneficial to some commercial property owners.

Please let me know if I’ve left something relevant out!

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