Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Some Green for 'Going Green'- Georgia Appliance Rebate Program

Going green is getting cheaper thanks to tax incentives available through the federal and state government, as well as through Georgia Power. If you have been thinking about getting a new programmable thermostat or adding insulation... now is the time!

The City of Decatur's Environmental Sustainability Board has researched the incentives that are available to our residents for energy efficiency improvements to their homes, and I will be sharing this information with you over the next several days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lena Stevens
Resource Conservation Coordinator
City of Decatur, Georgia

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 appropriated funds to each state for the establishment and administration of appliance rebate programs. The amount available to Georgia residents is $8,642,490. This is a first-come-first-served rebate program launching February 12, 2010. Georgia residents who replace an existing appliance with a new ENERGY STAR qualified appliance purchased after February 12, 2010, are eligible to apply for the rebate. Approved applicants will receive a Visa® Prepaid Card via mail. ENERGY STAR appliances eligible for the program include clothes washers, dishwashers, air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, water heaters, refrigerators and freezers. Purchases made prior to February 12, 2010 will not be eligible.

What products are eligible?
>Click HERE for a complete list of eligible items.
Clothes Washer- $50 or $99
Dishwasher- $50 or $99
Refrigerators- $50
Central Air Conditioners- $99
Gas Furnace- $199
Solar Hot Water Heater- $199

Who is eligible?
Georgia residents with a valid residential address who purchase a qualified ENERGY STAR appliance from a Georgia retailer will be eligible to receive the assigned rebate for that appliance. Rebates are limited to one rebate per appliance type per household. For example, a consumer who purchases two of the same appliance would qualify for only one rebate, but a consumer who purchases two different appliances would qualify for two separate rebates. Separate rebate applications must be completed for each appliance purchased. The maximum rebate limit per household is $1,200.

How can I make sure there are still funds available for rebates?
Consumers and/or retailers can confirm the availability of the remaining $8.6 million rebate funds by checking www.GeorgiaRebate.com or by calling toll-free 1-866-296-1633. The Web site and phone number will provide a current estimate of the remaining rebate funds in the program and the approximate number of days until funding is depleted. The rebates will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis until the funding is depleted.

How do I apply?
Follow these steps in order:
1. Check the availability of funds at http://www.georgiarebate.com/ or by calling 1-866-296-1633. The rebate funds that remain are updated automatically as applications are received.

2. Buy a new ENERGY STAR qualified appliance to replace an existing appliance. Georgia residents are required to buy from Georgia retailers. Online and out-of-state purchases do not qualify. Purchases made before February 12, 2010, are not eligible for the rebate.

3. Arrange to remove and recycle the replaced appliance. Retailers can provide assistance with
recycling options.

4. Apply for a rebate online at http://www.georgiarebate.com/ or by calling 1-866-296-1633. You will need the receipt from your appliance purchase to complete the application. Print the application confirmation page and mail it with the sales receipt within 30 days of your online application. Phone applicants will receive the application confirmation page by mail and then mail it with the sales receipt within 30 days of the phoned application.

Receiving Your Rebate
Once the rebate claim is physically received and the receipt is verified, the customer's rebate will be approved and payment will be mailed. Rebates will be issued in the form of a Visa® Prepaid Card preloaded with the rebate amount and should be received by the customer within 2-3 weeks from time the required forms and receipts were mailed.

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