Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taxes and fees?! A two-part series

In addition to your property tax, most owners in Decatur have two additional fees on their accounts every year: residential sanitation (trash pick-up) and stormwater (for drainage).

Part I: Sanitation

Most residential properties have one sanitation charge, which for 2009 was $225. Condo associations or multi-family dwellings may have arranged their own commercial sanitation service separately, in which case no residential charges should appear on your account. Dwellings such as duplexes or homes with carriage houses should have two sanitation charges (for a total of $450). You can double-check how many units you are being charged for by looking at your last tax bill:

If you have general questions about trash pick-ups or about how the City arrived at $225 as the current annual fee, please contact our Public Works Department at 404-377-5571. If you have a question specifically about your sanitation payment or the arithmetic on your tax bill, please contact the Revenue Division.

My next post will focus on stormwater fees.

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