Monday, February 1, 2010

The exemptions you deserve

Now is the time to make sure you receive all the homestead exemptions that you’re eligible for for 2010. If you know you already receive your homestead exemption, great—even though it’s Groundhog’s Day tomorrow, you don’t have to apply for the homestead exemption over and over and over again. Just applying once after you moved into your house will do.

If you’re not sure whether you have a homestead exemption, check this spot of your last tax bill. You will see the $20,000 figure listed for the Capital, General, and DDA lines.

If you don’t have your last bill, you can call us at 404-370-4100 or email us to double-check.

If you don’t have the homestead exemption but you’re eligible for it, now is a great time to file your application. All you need to do is fill out this easy online form.

Remember that you have to apply for your homestead exemption for the City of Decatur and DeKalb County separately. Applying for one does not transfer over to the other.

If you’ve become eligible for an additional exemption based on age or income, this is the perfect time of year to get your paperwork in order. If you’re applying for an exemption based on age or income, we will need your:

  • Driver's License or Birth Certificate  
  • Previous year's Federal and State Income Tax Returns 
  • Social Security form 1099

Please note that if you’ve moved out of a home in Decatur where you had the homestead exemption to another property within Decatur, you must reapply for the exemption for the new location. We don’t know to automatically “transfer” your homestead exemption from your old house to your new house.

If you are no longer eligible for an exemption that’s on your account, please let us know. For example, you should let us know if you’ve moved out of your house and are renting out your old property.

Please be aware that we routinely review exemptions held by owners who have out-of-city and out-of-state mailing addresses. We also compare exemption information maintained by DeKalb County to verify whether the county acknowledges your homestead claim.

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