Thursday, July 7, 2016

Metro jurisdictions consider decreases or no changes to tax rates

Most of the major jurisdictions in metro Atlanta have adopted or are considering to adopt millage rates that are either the same or slightly lower in 2016 compared to 2015:

Atlanta:  Net decrease
Cobb Board of Education:  Increase
Cobb County:  Decrease
Decatur: Decrease
Decatur Board of Education: No change
DeKalb Board of Education:  No change
DeKalb County:  Decrease
Fulton Board of Education:  No change
Gwinnett Board of Education:  No change
Gwinnett County:  Decrease
Marietta:  Decrease
Marietta Board of Education:  No change

Most of the proposed decreases in millage rates will be offset because property values are on the rise throughout the area.  However, Gwinnett County is considering a decrease in the millage rate large enough to offset their rising values.

Overall, city and county governments appear likelier to approve a millage rate decrease this year, while the school systems intend to keep their millage rates steady.  One exception is the Cobb County board of education, which is considering an increase.

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