Tuesday, June 7, 2016

City approves fee increases

The Decatur City Commission has approved an increase in residential sanitation and storm water utility fees for 2016. These fees are added to property tax bills. The typical household will have a $50 increase in October on their 2nd installment bill for 2016.

Residential sanitation fees are for garbage pick-up. The fee adopted earlier this year was $250 per household. The newly approved rate is $275.  The purpose of the increase is to cover curbside glass recycling beginning July 1. 

Storm water utility fees are used to make storm drainage improvements. Properties are assessed a storm water utility fee based on the amount of paved and covered areas on the property. The storm water utility fee has been $75 annually for each single-family residence for over 10 years. Commercial, institutional and multiple-family properties with larger paved areas pay proportionately more in fees. Utility fees are charged to all property owners, including tax-exempt properties. The newly approved fee is $100 per equivalent residential unit.

Most property owners have already paid the original amount of the fees for these services during the 1st installment property tax billing this year and will only owe the difference of the increase during the 2nd installment.

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