Monday, May 9, 2016

Wrap-up on Georgia tax legislation, 2016

In addition to Decatur’s homestead exemptions (see prior coverage here) and personal property tax exemption for fulfillment centers (see here), Governor Deal signed at least a half dozen other tax-related bills into law last week.

By signing House Bill 1104, the governor authorized a vote in Columbus-Muscogee County on eliminating the property tax freeze that Columbus has had in place since 1982. The freeze had become controversial locally and the mayor there campaigned against the freeze saying that it slowed economic growth.

The governor also signed HB 937 granting a sales tax break for the new Falcons stadium and other projects of "competitive regional significance," Senate Bill 369 authorizing sales tax increases for transportation improvements in Atlanta and Fulton County subject to voter approval, HB 991 waiving penalties and interest for military taxpayers who became delinquent while deployed, HB 987 amending conservation use covenants for ad valorem taxes, HB 769 exempting boats and all-terrain vehicles in dealer inventory from personal property taxes, and HB 960 making several changes to taxes administered by the state including the interest rate on past due state income taxes.

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