Friday, April 8, 2016

General Assembly OKs military waivers

The Georgia General Assembly approved two tax or administrative measures that are favorable to members of the military and their spouses during the final days of the legislative session.

HB 821, the “Military Spouses and Veterans Licensure Act” allows military spouses and servicemembers who have recently left the military to practice a state-licensed profession before a permanent license is issued. The professional licensing board for each profession is supposed to adopt rules before July 2017 to grant temporary or expedited licenses to these individuals. This should help military families earn income while their permanent license is pending. This affects such professions as psychologists, architects, and accountants.  The City of Decatur, like other local governments in Georgia, normally requires a state-licensed professional to provide proof of their state license before a local business license is issued.  Decatur would honor any temporary or expedited license issued to individuals in these circumstances.

HB 991, the “Returning Heroes Act,” is intended to forgive tax penalties on troops who are deployed while the taxes become past due.  Both bills must be signed by Governor Deal in order to become law.

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