Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Decatur homestead exemptions: current and proposed

If you are applying for an additional homestead exemption for your home in Decatur for 2016, please note that these are the exemptions the City and school system currently offer:

  • GH1—Basic homestead exemption 
  • GS1—Exemption for homeowners over 62 with household income under $25,000 
  • S1—Exemption if joint income under $10,000 excluding retirement income 
  • GH2—Exemption if over age 65 
  • S3—Partial school exemption if over 70 
  • S2—School exemption if over 80 and federal adjusted gross income is less than $40,000 
  • DV—Exemption for disabled veterans 
The additional exemptions that the City and school system have proposed for approval by the Georgia General Assembly and by voters are as follows:

  1. Expanded GH1 homestead exemption 
  2. Expanded GH2 exemption 
  3. New exemption for homeowners over 62 with household income under $50,000 
  4. New school exemption for homeowners over 65 
These proposed exemptions would have to be approved by voters before going into effect in 2017. You cannot apply for these proposed exemptions yet. These exemptions would expand or be in addition to, not replacements of, the existing homestead exemptions. None of the exemptions listed above (except the disabled veterans’ exemption) would apply to the school bond that was approved last November.

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