Thursday, July 30, 2015

Decatur tax estimator updated

You can use the tool on the left margin of this website to estimate your City of Decatur property taxes for 2015. To use it, enter the 100 percent fair market value as shown on your 2015 assessment notice from DeKalb County. Click whether or not you have the basic homestead exemption, and compute. That will show you a projection of your Decatur taxes for the full year. For a typical home, add another $315 to that total for sanitation and stormwater fees. That will give you an idea of your city tax and fee liability for this year.

To project what your 2nd installment tax bill will be, subtract what you paid during the 1st installment from the year’s total.

Please note that this tool works only for property owners with or without the basic homestead exemption, and does not reflect the full tax savings if you have additional homestead exemptions based on age, income, or disabled veteran status.

My office will have exact 2nd installment tax bills prepared by October 20. We cannot give exact individual amounts before then because we will not receive a certified digest showing individual property values for another month or so, and then we have to review, validate, and convert all the data in our tax software for billing.

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