Monday, March 16, 2015

Billing ordinance adopted for 2015

The City Commission has approved Decatur’s property tax due dates and grace periods for 2015. Decatur will bill in two installments as usual. The first installment will be due by June 1 with a grace period up through June 15. The second installment will be due by Dec. 21 with a grace period through Jan. 7, 2016. The Revenue Division will send the bills out 60 days before the bills are due. The City Commission also approved the sanitation (solid waste) pick-up rates for 2015. A single-family home will owe $240 for the year for sanitation compared to $237 in 2014. Motions to adopt the due dates and sanitation rates carried unanimously.

Decatur’s first installment bills are based on the prior year’s property values, millage rates, and homestead exemption amounts. DeKalb will send us new values for 2015 this summer. Those new values, along with any changes to Decatur’s millage rates, will be used to calculate the final, total year’s bill during the second installment billing.

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