Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Georgia’s business tax climate worsens slightly

Georgia has fallen to 36th in a ranking of state tax climates according an annual study by the Tax Foundation. The ranking considers simplicity of tax structures as well as tax rates. The think tank had rated Georgia as 34th in 2012 and 35th last year.

The Tax Foundation also compares states by tax types, rating Georgia as 30th for property taxes, 42nd for individual income taxes, 17th for sales taxes, 8th for corporate taxes, and 36th for unemployment insurance taxes.

Relative to our neighbors, Georgia fares a little better than South Carolina which ranked 37th overall, but worse than Tennessee at #15, Alabama at #28, and Florida at #5.

The rankings could renew interest at the state capitol in reforming Georgia’s tax code in 2015.

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