Friday, August 29, 2014

Book festival presentations for numbers people

When you go to the Decatur book festival this weekend, think about stopping by one of the sessions involving a topic that it’s hard to get enough of—money!

A couple events and stages caught my attention looking through this weekend’s schedule:

The business & economics track at the Marriott will include the authors of Factory Man, a book about an American family business that has to compete with cheaper Chinese manufacturers, the Wealth Choice profiling black millionaires, and What Stays in Vegas about the rise of big data and what it means for your privacy.

At the science track, Amir Alexander will discuss his nonfiction book Infinitesimal about a mathematical debate that affected the course of European history.

At the children’s stage, Jude Watson joins a “heists and heroics” panel. This year she published Loot, a robbery caper for young readers. See you there!

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