Sunday, December 22, 2013

Attorney deadline in 10 days

If you are practicing law in Decatur, your annual occupation tax of $400 and administrative fee of $25 are due no later than Dec. 31.  This tax is for revenue purposes only.

Several lawyers have already taken advantage of our new web service which allows for payments to be made online by credit card with no additional fees. 

If you intend to pay online, go to this site.  For the year, change the selected year to 2013 (lawyers pay for the current year, while all other professionals and businesses pay for the upcoming year).  For the “business name,” enter your actual name as it appears on your bill (first name first, last name second).  Once you’ve found your record, click “renew” to pay.  Please do not select 2014 and do not search by the name of your law firm.

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