Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New video made about property taxes in Georgia

The Association of County Commissioners of Georgia has produced a video entitled "Facts About Your Property Tax - An Investment in Your Community."

The video describes how local government services in Georgia are funded, the services that are typically provided, how budgets and millage rates are adopted, and how properties are assessed and billed.  The video also draws some comparisons to illustrate how much government services cost per taxpayer; for example, it says that your share for the cost of library services annually works out to about the cost of one hardback book.

The video says that the average county property tax bill statewide is about $1,500.  Taxes in cities tend to be higher than taxes in counties because cities traditionally provide more services than counties.

The video also makes the point that the annual assessment notice you receive in May details your options for appeal if you disagree with your assessed value.  It's suggested that the time to consider an appeal is when you receive the assessment notice, not later in the year when you receive your bill.

It's informative and worth watching.  My favorite scene is when the firefighter carries a dog from a house:

The ACCG has also launched a website called "Facts About Property Tax" with more information for Georgia property taxpayers.

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