Monday, January 28, 2013

Most common business license fee in Decatur: $255

Although some businesses in Decatur are required to pay up to $485 per year for their business license, the majority of local businesses are charged a $230 occupational tax plus a $25 administrative fee as “Class 2” businesses under the city’s occupation tax ordinances.  About 245 of Decatur’s 510 local businesses (excluding home-based businesses, professionals such as doctors and architects, and insurance carriers) fall under Class 2, which includes most restaurants and many retailers.

The majority of Decatur businesses pay the second lowest tax class rate out of 7 rates

The city’s occupational tax rates are based on profitability ratios.  The concept is that, generally speaking, businesses in lines of work that are more profitable are expected to pay a higher occupation tax rate that businesses that are less profitable.

More information on Decatur’s business licensing fees can be found on our website here.  The deadline for businesses to pay for a 2013 license is this Wednesday.

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