Tuesday, April 10, 2012

City bills 7,500 properties

The City of Decatur Revenue Division mailed approximately 7,500 bills on Mar. 26 for property owners’ first installment tax bills for 2012.

Bills citywide totaled $17.9 million in taxes (which includes approximately $11.2 million for the school system) and $2.2 million for residential sanitation and stormwater fees.

Payments are due by June 1 and can be made by mail, in person, or online. First installment tax bills are always based of the prior year’s property value, and are calculated by multiplying the assessed value by the total millage rate of 33.9 and dividing the total in half.

Although the Revenue Division provides tax data to several major lenders upon their request, we always mail the tax bills directly to property owners. We do not mail bills to banks. If your mortgage company is responsible for your taxes, please forward the payment coupon at the lower portion of your tax bill to your lender.

If you own property in the city and have not received your tax city bill yet, please call our office to confirm your mailing address so we can send you a new bill. Or you can go to www.decaturgatax.com at any time to view, print, or pay your taxes.

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