Tuesday, August 24, 2010

City and County taxes

Suppose you own a property—we’ll call it “Property A”—in Decatur worth $275,000 and you have no exemptions. Your City of Decatur taxes (plus fees) on Property A would be $4,831.56 for the year. Our millage rate is 32.935 mills (which includes taxes for Decatur schools) and we use a 50 percent assessment.

You would also owe DeKalb County $1,200.10 in taxes for Property A for the year. The County millage rate for Decatur residents is 10.91 mills. Georgia counties assess at 40 percent.

Now suppose you own a second $275,000 property, Property B, in unincorporated DeKalb—also without exemptions. You would owe $4,409.90 in DeKalb County property taxes for Property B. Your county taxes would not be $1,200.10 under this scenario. The millage rate for unincorporated DeKalb is 40.09 mills, not just the 10.91 mills that are imposed by the County on City residents:

The reason that an unincorporated property of equal value to a City of Decatur property would have a higher county tax liability than if it were inside the City is because the County is providing all the services (for example, school & fire services). Properties inside the City of Decatur pay a lower County tax because the City is providing the majority of services.

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  1. It would be good to get a 2011 update of this post, since the county (& I think CSD) have increased its mileage rate.