Monday, April 12, 2010

Is my value correct? Reading your tax bills

DeKalb County determines the fair market value (also referred to as your “100 percent value, ” “appraised value” or “total value”) of the properties in DeKalb County including properties within the city limits of Decatur.

State law establishes that counties’ property taxes are levied against 40 percent of the total value. This is known as your “assessed value,” “taxable value,” or your 40 percent “assessment.” Municipal governments may apply different assessments depending on the city ordinances.

As authorized by state law and city ordinances, Decatur uses a 50 percent assessment. We start with DeKalb County’s “total value.” For example, if your total value on DeKalb’s website is $250,000, DeKalb will tax you on $100,000 of that as shown on one of their tax bills:

The City of Decatur would also start with $250,000, but would tax you on $125,000:

This is why your taxable value for Decatur won’t match your taxable value for DeKalb. Please also note that the city does not have its own appraiser or assessor and cannot change your assessment. More information about property assessments, appeals, and billing is available on our homepage.

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